Frequently Asked Questions

Business & Services

We're all in-house. J&D Moving Company is not a broker; we exclusively deploy our professional moving
team, ensuring your direct engagement with our Veteran Moving employees.

Yes, we're fully licensed and insured to handle moves anywhere.

Certainly! Talk to your Relocation Consultant for details and pricing.

Absolutely. Our team is trained for all types of pianos.

Yes, we provide shuttle service if required, with an additional cost.

Indeed, we offer packing services. Discuss options and pricing with your Relocation Consultant.

Pricing & Payment

We welcome Credit/Debit Cards (American Express, MasterCard, Visa), Certified Bank Checks, and Postal Money Orders.

Full payment is required before unloading, in compliance with federal regulations.

Before & After the Move

Aim to plan your move a month ahead, especially with specific date and time preferences. Start with an
onsite consultation now.

Our liability varies based on your chosen coverage. Opt for Full Value Protection or the Free Basic
Coverage with liability at 30 cents per pound for local moves and 60 cents per pound for long-distance.

Reach out to our Customer Service for any post-move queries or concerns. Contact details can be found here.

Pickup & Delivery

Our Customer Service/Dispatch team determines the arrival time, and you'll receive a call at least 48 hours before your move.

A delivery window provides a range of dates for your shipment. You or a designated adult
representative must be present during these dates to accept your items.

Yes, we offer guaranteed delivery options. Check with your Relocation Consultant for availability and pricing.

Our movers work until the job's done, unless restricted by building regulations.

We can unmount your TV for an additional charge, but we don't uninstall/install air conditioners due to liability concerns.

While we encourage customer presence for supervision, if you can't be there, designate a trustworthy adult representative. A Power of Attorney may be required.

Don't fret about parking tickets unless it's your own car that got one.

Packing & Unpacking

We offer boxes for purchase, including various sizes: small, medium, large, china, and wardrobe boxes.

Yes, emptying drawers is recommended to prevent damages during the move.

Liquids are prohibited on our trucks for safety reasons.

We advise against using plastic bags for packing as they can tear easily and shift around during transit.

PBO stands for "Packed by Owner" (shipper).

We recommend not packing important documents or high-value items with your household goods. These items are not covered by J&D Moving Company.

We provide blanket and shrink wrap protection for your items as part of our service.


Tipping is customary but not mandatory. Check out our blog post for guidance.

Our straight trucks range from 18' to 26' in length.

For safety and insurance reasons, riding in the truck with the movers is not possible.